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Our Story

A Nod to Traditions

Ilé Adùn is a confectionery company inspired by a rich blend of culture, childhood memories, and indulgence; we like to say we are sharing the joy of quintessential, decadent treats.


Growing up in Nigeria, I often visited Lagos Island with my family to spend time with our loved ones, and to attend the vibrant colourful festival, 'Fanti'. In my blissful memories of Lagos Island, originally and fondly known as Isàlè Èkó, are the strings of coconut toffee, and bags of other nutty and floury treats that filled wooden stalls. I always looked forward to these moreish delights.


Just like many living away from somewhere they feel local, I sometimes crave Isàlè Èkó's treats, and each time I have them, I get a lovely dose of nostalgia, reliving my memories of home. 


Ilé Adùn’s purpose is to share the bliss of these precious moments, these moments of sweetness are  quintessentially Lagos-Nigerian, and for me, home. It gives me great pleasure to share them with you.

Ilé Adùn is a Yoruba phrase that translates to “House/Home of Sweetness” in English. Adùn - sweetness, has symbolic significance in Yoruba culture. It is used to express the hope or path of a blissful and successful life.


Ayé re a ladùn!

Your life shall be sweet!

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